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Time never stands still. Nothing lasts forever. We try and create the illusion that it does through our efforts of renewal and maintenance of built forms. As soon as we stop working to maintain our creations the advance of time becomes obvious. It has no regard for our past efforts. On any given day, the circumstances that affect businesses and public institutions are changing. There are a myriad of forces conspiring against us that result in the closure or abandonment of public and private enterprises and places. We live in a disposable age where new is better. Ideas, technology and places are discarded at ever increasing rates. The past vanishes as if it never existed. Obsolete buildings that are not demolished offer evidence of the passage of time and provide a narrative that viewers may formulate for themselves.


About the Author

Tom Ridout
tomridout Acton, Ontario, Canada

Tom’s early inspiration was found in the work of German objective photographers Albert Renger Patsch and Bernd & Hilla Becher. His early obsession with these masters led to him taking on a vaguely Bavarian accent, wearing lederhosen, drinking large quantities of Düsseldorf Altbier and travelling around in a VW microbus strewn with film plates, a view camera and empty Reisling bottles. His earliest attempts at capturing the essence of ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ was expressed in a single minded pursuit of water tower photography. What started out as a well-intentioned undertaking almost resulted in arrest when the police were called to investigate a report of what appeared to be an Oktoberfest reveller who was scaling a large metal water tower in Kenmore, New York.

Tom has since dropped his European stylistic trappings, cut back on reisling consumption and refocused his view on other constructs and remnants of modern post-industrial society.

Publish Date  February 24, 2011

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  80 pgs   Premium Paper, lustre finish

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