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A whole bunch of easy recipes for the lazy guy in all of us. From appetizers to chicken, salads to steaks; with a selection of pastas, sauces and Greek food thrown in for good measure.

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George Themelis
HubbaHubba Toronto. Ontario. Canada

The very existence of George on this little blue planet has been the direct cause of many of the most historical world events ever recorded. George was instrumental in bringing down the Berlin Wall. George invented disco. George invented break dancing, and later redeveloped it as heavy metal pop dancing. George was directly involved in the creation of the World Wide Web. George embraced the concepts of organic foods as early as the 1970's, however refused to be a part of the underlying scheme to overcharge for vegetables. George has been a goat farmer, a citrus fruit dyer, hot air balloon pilot, a snake milker, and a fountain pen repairman. George has yet to be selected as a nude model, and never learned to play the Aeolian Wind Harp. George is currently involved in the developement of a super species of Indian corn and collects rare and exotic Entheogens.

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HubbaHubba says

This is version 2. Like most guys, I'm lazy, stupid and careless. There IS A REASON for spell-check...
Buy this book. It's really good.
All revenue goes to a good cause:

posted at 09:13am Feb 26 PST


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