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Aldo Suarez
A Passionate Artist

The inspiration for my figurative works come from impressions of everyday life, many of these paintings focus on the subject of women and representing them as the fountain of life and love.

I use the form, texture and the color in the contemporary dialogue between the material and the spiritual agitated by extreme texture and intentional use of color.

My abstract works are conceptual pieces and most often are expression of the personal feelings desires and inner conflicts, they are the result of internal searching and the need for expression not yet fully realized, that would otherwise remain repressed.

Painting for me is very cathartic and is the most articulate way for me to express my passion merging introspection and visual spectacle.

He’s a Cuban –American Artist who rich colorful, intense art captures your every
sense. He’s exuberant painting reflect his energy and passion for life, His Degree in Master fine art in San Alejandro School and I.S.A. Superior of Art in Havana Cuba.

His painting are collecting around the world and is exhibited in National Museum of Art in Havana, Cuba. Art Fussion Gallery Miami Design District, Casa Lala Gallery Ybor CityTampa, Chelsea Gallery N.Y, Nina Torres Gallery Miami FL.


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Aldo Suarez

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LuciElaine says

Congratulations Aldo, beautiful screen, great work.


posted at 05:33pm Mar 06 PST


789fgh34 says

Thanks Yunia, Eduardo,Blurd, for the opportunity.

posted at 12:39pm Mar 04 PST


yunialores says

Saludos Aldo, Tienes una obra basta muy interesante.

posted at 10:03pm Feb 28 PST


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