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Turn the pages of this wondrous story to discover how to grow up healthy and happy. Is it being active and playing outside? Is it taking care of the earth, the sky and our ocean? Or could it be washing our hands? Or maybe it is eating fruits and vegetables like a crunchy carrot or a juicy red berry! Join Ivy on an adventure as she learns how to take care of herself, her world, and find balance in her journey.

Meet Ivy! Baby Ivy is growing up and learning about the world. Baby Ivy wants to show you how she is learning to take care of herself. From her favorite activities, like bath-time, to taking time to relax and quiet herself. Take a trip through the health alphabet with easy to read text, engaging pictures, bright colors, and interactive pages. The ABC's of a Healthy Baby is a fun, loving, and educational story for the whole family.


About the Author

Marilee O'Connor
moconnor11 Salt Lake City, UT USA

Marilee O'Connor is a public health advocate and educator with a special interest in maternal and child health, and a passion for social equity. Marilee lives in SLC, Utah with her husband, two dogs, and daughter Ivy Grace. They spend their days experiencing the world, playing outside, learning, and reading together.

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