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Size: Large Landscape (13"x11"/33 cm x 28 cm).

Kind of Book: Coffee Table Book

Quality: Premium Paper with Lustre Finish

Total Pages: 150 pages

Subject: Fine Art Photography, Abstract, Spiritual Photos, Mystical Art, Philosophical Art, Healing Art, Vibrant Photos, Colorful Art, Uplifting Art, Inspirational Art, Dynamic Art, Contemporary Art.

The abstracts reflect a metamorphosis of mystical states underlying unimaginable suffering. They encompass this transformation by adhering to the simple concept that in an instant one can embody the whole of creation and that the accumulation of all of ones experience can be expressed in this instant.

Having endured a constant migraine for 12 years and given up a livelihood as a dancer, I turn to photography as a tool to express my transformation beyond suffering. The images are intended to raise consciousness as well as be healing in their capacity to take one into a portal unknown and yet vastly familiar..

Drawing upon a lifetime of dance, 25 years of photography, a family of artists and 25 years of meditation, my natural propensity towards photography is to infuse the capture with movement, emboldened creative sight and mystical perception.

I believe the result is a combination of the transcendental with the material reality and that by elevating what one sees with the “Seer” itself the reality transforms into a mystical form that is directly a derivative of it’s naturally exalted original state.

I seek a kind of preparation that not only improves the artistic eye but also elevates my inner state. In this way, I attempt to get "me" and my story out of the way. To capture in this regard transforms the world into a palette of energy and color that has unusual dynamism.

The actual photo making process can be likened to Buddhist making a hitsuzendo with with a sumi brush. The preparation is years of meditation and contemplation and the energy is channeled within one simple and quick stroke that conveys the spiritual state or lack thereof.

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