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“World Tales & Mythic Narratives for Dreamers & Dream Workers - Re-cast in Comic Book Form” is the 4th comic book in the series, ”New Work on Myth & Dream“ - (the other volumes are also available here on blurb). “World Tales...” offers an intense look at creation stories, (including the “Big Bang”), as well as stories from multiple world religious/spiritual traditions - all with an eye to their archetypal significance & relevance for exploring & discovering the deeper meanings & implications of our dreams remembered from sleep. Dr. Taylor is a (literally) world renowned dream worker, poet, visual artist, community organizer, & teacher.



About the Author

Jeremy Taylor
Dreamcomics Fairfield, California, USA

After 40 years of doing projective dream work all over the planet, I am spending more time distilling my experience with archetypal images & metaphors into the international language of comics

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