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Simon Smith
Founder of Global Enduro.

Enduro India is 10 years old next year and 2011 was one of the most extraordinary events of my life. South India offers an unparalleled riding adventure, the experiences, sights, sounds and interactions that happen to you (and they do happen to you) in this unbelievable part of the world are unforgettable on so many levels. The scenery is ever changing as is the world view of the villagers we travel past. The people, amongst the most intelligent, joyous and welcoming on Earth are always keen to find out who you are, where you are from and what your ‘good name’ is.

It’s so easy in our daily grind to become stale, forgetting the childlike joy of life because we are so focussed on what’s happened in the past or what may happen in the future – the truth is that the past and future do not exist – there is ONLY NOW.

I myself forget the wonder of ‘now’ far too often but NEVER in India. The opportunities for mind expansion that the country offers is in a league of its own.To ride here is like nowhere else on the planet; nature’s best treasures literally rush through your very soul and it’s much easier to relax, to focus on what makes us human – reaching out, making friends of strangers in a strange land for the sheer joy of it.

Enduro India helps me to feel alive, but it also carries its risks. I’d like to dedicate this event to our friend and biker Chris Hallam, who paid the ultimate price this year following his deep desire to live life to the full and make a real difference to others less fortunate than ourselves.
He died doing what he knew to be right.

RIP Chris Hallam.


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Iain Crockart
iaincrockart London, UK

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claireya says

Iain - you have won the hearts and minds of Blurb staff! We love your book here. And they can't believe I was part of this trip, but to be honest, neither can I. Thanks for capturing it so beautifully.

posted at 11:22am Apr 01 PST


michaelhobbs says

Its almost like I am back in India with all my new friends, what a great book Ian, classic!!

posted at 09:56am Mar 28 PST

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