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I am truly amazed by the natural world - it is absolutely amazing. Stunning. Spectacular. Breathtaking.

This book is my attempt to share all the amazing things I have seen in the natural world - around the world!

There are better photographers out there than me - but what matters most - is the way we look at the world.

I hope the photos I have selected for use in this book get across the sheer natural beauty that inspired their recording, and, perhaps more importantly for me, inspire you to want to get out there and experience nature and some stunning scenery for yourself! Whether you take photos of it or not! That doesn't really matter :-)

Although it will be great if you like the photos in this book, you’ll appreciate they are nothing in comparison to actually seeing the scene in person, and everything else that goes with it – the sounds, the scents, the fresh air, the sunlight in your face and the breeze on your face...

Ultimately one of the most important things about this book for me - is not the photos in it - but more about they way we look at the world and experience it. I’d just like everyone to look at the natural world with a bit more amazement, and get out there and experience the beauty of the natural world for ourselves, and reap the benefits to our health & well-being in the process!

When we enjoy & value the natural world more, we become more appreciative of it and consequently want to conserve it – for ourselves, for others, for future generations – and for the fact that our planet is just an amazing and unique place.

Hope you enjoy the book, Stuart :-)

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About the Author

Stuart Hodgson
cyclicamp07 Hartlepool, North-East England
I'm a Graphic Designer by day, who also dabbles in some Graphic Art, Photography & Music, currently living on the North-east coast of England. Im a big fan of books and the printed page - things you can hold in your hand and keep as a permanent memento. So when I found I thought I've got to try it out and make some books out of some of my personal work. If you would like to see more of my creative work - check out my web-site If you like what you see - feel free to get in touch - feedback & comments are always welcome, or you can email Cheers

Publish Date  March 11, 2011

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  142 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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