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Do you ever have moments when the beauty of an everyday object stops you in your tracks?

Moments of Transcendence describes a collection of paintings, each one of which is a record of an experience I have had, an encounter with the mundane that transcended the ordinary.

It all started with a salad. I was slicing a cucumber one evening. I paused for a moment to hold up a slice of the cucumber and look at it with the light behind it. The symmetry and beauty of that simple cuke slice, the pattern of the seeds, and the threefold geometry of its construction were irresistible. I had to draw it.

This led to a whole exploration of natural design in my artwork. And it resulted in a collection of more than 130 round miniature paintings, which I called the Moments of Transcendence collection. This book chronicles the history of the collection as well as showing all the paintings reproduced at life size.

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About the Author

Betsy Gray Bell
bgbell Maine, USA

My artist grandfather gave me a sketchbook for my first birthday. I sold my first painting when I was in my early teens. Art has always been a part of my life.

I have spent most of the last thirty-five years as a homemaker and mother, raising my family and homeschooling my children. Even so, I always found time and resources for art: fiber arts, drawing, painting, calligraphy, printmaking, and graphic design.

I have a B.A. in studio art from the University of Maine at Augusta. I have been an art gallery manager and a business consultant. My work has been shown in galleries and public buildings in Ohio, Maryland and Maine, and I have work in private collections in many parts of the United States and overseas.

I live in a 180-year-old farmhouse in the mountains of western Maine.

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cocoranbo says

I enjoyed the book for three different reasons. First, you tell a us wonderful down-to-earth story about a legacy of truly human sensitivity and creative sensibility handed down along familial lines from grandfather to granddaughter, which is ver rare nowadays. And in that story you include many other people who have been fellow travellers along this journey who have encouraged you along the way. You do not think of yourself more highly than you are. Secondly, the works in the book are well reproduce to show your soft objective realism and lovingly applied marks regardless of the medium, along with the informed fanciful play of scale, shape, color, and numerology.You have illustrated, and I say this not perjoratively, what some folks call abstract. And in this, you have succeeded to please both those that take a look at things abstractly and the concrete thinker. Which brings me to my third observation of the metanarrative ( the overarching story)that you are depicting both in your art works ( the finished product that is palpable) and in your life (the living of it from youngster to this point in time). The process of making these art works are all relational, that is, they are happenings, as a result of your relationship with God (who is the first relater "Let us make man in our image"), your relationship with your grandfather, and your relationship with husband, Steve. And these happenings, in turn, you have shared with us fellow humans. Your book is the culmination of the outworking of the inner workings of the heart and the mind of one not in touch with a mere "consciousness" but a Real Person, who's name is Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father.

posted at 06:01pm Apr 06 PST


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