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My dearest friend, I never intended harm upon you, I never wished for you to die. I live alone and scared without you – without my closest companion. I feel I could have done something, anything, to spare your life. Instead, I let my hands take it. My hands were forced, but they were still my hands; no one else’s. I do not know if you forgive me. Could you forgive me? Will you? I loved you, Margaret.

Dear potential purchaser,

When Deciding on whether or not you wish to purchase my book, pleas consider this: I am self-published through Blurb. This means that each book is made to order and is never mass-produced; if you are familiar with Blurb, you already know this. This explains the steep price.

Also realize this: I spent over 400 hours writing, designing, drawing, inking, coloring, formatting, working in InDesing, exporting and uploading this book. Good art doesn't grow on trees.

What you are buying is a well-designed, quality product with a very limited release. This is not something everyone else will have. It's not something your friends will have. You will be special. You will be the cool collector kid with excellent tastes in art. $28 isn't so much to ask for something so special. Unless a publisher picks it up and it's reduced to $10 at target. Then you can be the cool kid who says, "yeah I got a copy before the guy sold out and wasn't cool anymore. Who needs to eat, anyway?'

Thank you,
Isaac Cady


About the Author

Isaac Cady
kfmush Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Isaac is a fresh new illustrator on the brink of graduating from SCAD. His work is largely inspired by comic artists and Nickelodeon cartoons from the 1990s. He works in pen and ink then colors his work digitally. He is hungry and would love it if you bought his book or gave him a commission.

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