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This book contains photographs from my Pictured Rocks and Blue Garden series. The images were shot in the summer and fall of 2010. Each image is accompanied by my thoughts about the image and some description of my experiences in taking them. I hope these notes provide some insight into, and a little more personal connection with the images.

These images were taken against the background of powerful emotional events in my personal life, which affected me deeply. During this year, I was struggling to help my father care for my mother as she declined with Alzheimer's disease. I think the traces of those events are everywhere in these photographs. I am thankful that my subconscious was at work while I photographed, working in its own way to make sense of what was happening around me. I hope you find the images not only beautiful, but ultimately, thought provoking and moving.


About the Author

Curtis Miller
chmiller Howell, Michigan

I received my Batchelor of Fine Arts Degree from Albion College in 1977. I've always been a painter, working in oil, pastel and encaustic. In the last few years photography has become my art of choice.

I've been a self-employed entrepreneur since the age of 24. I was a cabinetmaker for 13 years before transitioning into computer animation. I've done that for almost 15 years but have been transitioning out of that and trying to make a career as an artist. Finally, after all these years!

I've created many things besides paintings and photographs. I've built a classical guitar, three electric guitars, a wooden kayak and countless radio controlled gliders including a fully molded fiberglass glider with a 15' wingspan.

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chmiller says

Thank you, Frankster. The design probably comes from my years as a painter, but it took some time to translate that into photography.

The writing is something I'm really enjoying. A book feels empty without it any more.

I appreciate your having a good look at my book.

posted at 07:52am Mar 21 PST


Frankster says

With The Eloquent Landscape, Curtis Miller shows us how quickly he's come to understand the elements of photographic design. The results are fascinating landscapes and close-up compositions, accompanied by thoughtful text (which is so often missing from books of photographs made on Blurb).

posted at 08:38am Mar 20 PST

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