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When and why did we start using photoshop, Flickr or even Blurb? It seems like our interest for art can be tracked long before we were even born. Like a gene, not skipping any generation. To explore our ancestors is also a visual adventure through photography, paintings, design and woodwork intarsia. Even though each of us found an unique expression, the influence from the passed keep inspiring us for future work.

Never ending is a celebration to those creative acenstors and relatives, who still affect us today. We´ll begin at the start as we know it over a hundred years ago and we will end this book by limits of time and pages, because truely there will never be an ending. The children of the latest generation have allready picked up their brushes.

/ Eva Lindberg S & Sofia Carlenberg,
aka Admira Art & Björkhalla
aka mother & daughter


About the Author

Eva Lindberg S (Admira Art) is a Swedish artist, with a long history of gallery shows and exhibitions. She has gone through different kind of expressions, from traditional oil and watercolor paintings, to modern photography. Sofia Carlenberg, born 1979, (Björkhalla) is the daughter of Eva Lindberg S. She has always worked with culture (librarian, writer, book- and pcgamereviewer) but suddenly fell deeply in love with photography and the possibilites of photoshop.

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Admiraart says

Yes.. I,m really proud to be one of these generations in our beautiful book.. and I find Blurb an exciting way to make this book come truth!!:)

posted at 04:05am Mar 25 PST


Bjorkhalla says

Yes, I love it! <3

posted at 07:51am Mar 19 PST


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