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My photographs are inspired by the suffering from cancer of three close friends.When I heard about their illness, about their fear I noticed that pain and death were so close to me. These photographs were born of my agony. I hope the sense and emotions can be found through my photographs.
Focusing on small close-up details of the world around me, my photographs appear semiabstract, emphasising colour, shape and texture. My choice of natural elements such as water droplets, the veins of leaves, snow and ice formations, and sometimes man-made materials, is transformed by light and shade into suggestions of the microcosmic world of cells in the body or of surgical procedures.. Some are suggestive of the dark emotions surrounding illness, while the vivid colours of others allude to diseased tissue, medicine and even the signs of hope for recovery.


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Mirja Paljakka
pihat3 Ylojarvi, Finland, Europe

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pihat3 says

Thank You both :) and enjoy of beautiful summer days!

posted at 04:22am Jun 05 PST


ashinbleu says

Very beautiful book!

posted at 05:06pm May 27 PST


4313 says

I was on the same Art Photography course with the author, and I can warmly recommend her book (I've seen the book). The photos are unexpectably good, as they manage to reflect human suffering and recovery. Perhaps this is also an answer for my book publication dreams.


posted at 11:32pm May 12 PST


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