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For over two decades, international photojournalist David Alexander Bjorkman has trained his camera lens on events and places of interest to him, interpreting their reality through his unique perspective and capturing their images in the simple dignity of a black and white photograph.

Minute Observations is a collection of some of his favorite images: donkey drivers on the Greek island of Santorini; bodyguards in training in Aspen, Colorado; Contra soldiers in the southern Nicaragua jungle; camel drivers on Egypt's Giza Plateau; Maya in the ancient city of Chichicastenango, Guatemala; the Bloods and Crips gangs in Los Angeles; Spring Equinox pilgrims in Chichen Itza, Mexico; Carhenge, America's answer to Stonehenge in Alliance, Nebraska; ballplayers playing the Maya Ballgame in Quintana Roo, Mexico; Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Antigua, Guatemala; anti-nuclear and anti-CIA protesters in Boulder, Colorado; microbrewers; tortilla makers; covert bungee jumpers; teddy bears; Maya pyramids; S.W.A.T. Olympics; mercenaries; and artists and native people at work.

What connects all of these diverse subjects is that they were seen, for a split second, by the eye of his camera.

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