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Odeelo Dayondon and Tiffany Hill journeyed to Africa as part of aio Discovery. The
company they work for, aio, sends volunteers to developing nations every year for hands-
on, humanitarian work in partnership with Global Hope Network International (GHNI), a
small nongovernmental organization.

Dayondon and Hill spent one week each working side-by-side with community members
in rural, underprivileged villages in central Kenya and eastern Ethiopia. In Kenya, they
helped village members lay down PVC pipe so, for the first time, the people could
have clean water in their own backyard instead of walking more than two miles to fill
their jerrycans. In Ethiopia, they assisted the village men in the beginning stages of
constructing a public latrine. These two projects are part of GHNI’s Transformational
Community Development programs to help impoverished communities become self-
sustainable. The trip was just as life transforming for Dayondon and Hill as it was for the
communities who welcomed them.


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