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These photographs were taken during an unforgettable trip back in 1984, long before the technological revolution of digital photography: at the age of 21, I crossed Europe for a whole month in autumn. I used to shoot transparency film at that time.

The resulting slides were showed only a few times, but were praised in a way that inspired this exhibition theme 25 years later: some people said they "looked like real postcards".

Now, celebrating my comeback to professional photography, this exhibition recalls those words. I've chosen the title "Pastcards" and, beside the real prints, visitors will find a real postcard designed with each photograph.

Eduardo Rocha, 2010


About the Author


I deal with photography and book design since 1980... a long journey until now. I've designed books for the past twenty years, and I'm pleased to see how digital tools are great, and make easier the hard work.

As far as I can see, photobooks and digital photography were made for each other, and together will live happily ever after!

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