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Richard Shilling's fourth, all new book 'Flux'.

There is a special edition available in size 13" x 11", more expensive but beautifully presented with exactly the same content.

It showcases the full breadth of his explorations into nature where he makes sculptures solely from natural materials in wild and beautiful natural places. He uses ice, snow, stone, water, leaves, wood, pebbles, bracken, mud and anything else he can find.

His main focus is on small scale, delicate and colourful, ephemeral artworks but he also regularly creates larger scale works too. He has received much critical acclaim and his work is often described as more accessible and personal than some of what has come before him and he has gone on to inspire many people to make their own land art creations.

None of the photos have been published in print before and 101 of them have never been seen in print or online.

Flux has:-

257 Photos
160 Pages
101 New Unseen Photos
12 New Unseen Sculptures


About the Author

Richard Shilling
escher Lancaster, Lancashire, England

Richard Shilling is a sculptor, photographer and film maker working in the field of Land Art.

Land Art involves making sculptures using only natural materials gathered near to where the sculpture is made. Many of them are ephemeral and will last only a few short minutes before the wind or the tide takes it away. Soon after nothing remains and Richard attempts to capture the most vital and vibrant moment of each sculpture in a photograph.

He makes his sculptures in beautiful and wild natural places across the North of England. Particularly in Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire but he has also created sculptures in Scotland and the Himalaya. He uses snow, leaves, wood and stone and anything else that mother nature can provide.

You can see more of his work on his website: and read all about what he gets up to on Flickr: and on his blog:

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