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Russian remote island and the freedom of Cuba. Impossible and incomparable.

There's an eternal sun. Snow-white beaches. Carnivals, rum and cigars.
We have a very severe winter. No less severe summers. And thorny firs instead of palms.

But it is necessary to leave familiar surroundings and a couple of hundred kilometers driven away from the big city ... It is necessary to leave the well-trodden tourist routes ... And now the borders are erased. Ingenuousness of landscapes and architecture, streets and village courtyards, simple-mindedness of domestic life. And the people. Identical, despite the language, skin color, eye shape. People who are equally happy with us, having fun, smiling. Upset and crying. Go to the same shops. And buy the same products. Equally concerned about their pets. The same work, only to have the opportunity to relax. Love. Walking in the moonlight. Play with children. To be children. After all the emotions of children - free estimates always alive and dynamic creatures - creates a sense of reality - eternal youth and the development of this world. Children receive one hour ten adult lives, flying in their children's world, not noticing the worries and concerns.

There, in Cuba, and here - in the Russian hinterland, away from the traffic of city streets
and the need to protect proprietary fashionable clothes, man grows freely.

Russian remote places and Cuba. And it would seem so inconsistent ...


About the Author

Stanislav Beloglazov

Publish Date  April 04, 2011

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  62 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Travel

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