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This 3rd Edition photobook highlights my motorcycle journeys in Colorado, presents the gorgeous scenery encountered, and describes my personal realizations made clear while on two-wheels. It is dedicated to my riding friends and to anyone who has ever nurtured a love affair with a motorcycle.

I also want to express deep gratitude to my former colleague Sean Sanders for the photos on the front cover and back flap. His donated time, awesome camera, and sharp eye allowed for an artistic interpretation of me and my motorcycle. THANK YOU, SEAN.

The remaining photos were taken by me (or by soliciting volunteers and handing them my old Canon Powershot S3IS).


About the Author

Sarah Nguyen
aerofaze Colorado

Definitely not a professional at photography, writing, the outdoors, running, juggling, birds, stamps, or motorcycling. But definitely passionate about it all!

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AntiHero_X says

I wish I saw your book prior to riding through Colorado on my Panigale. Well done.

posted at 04:54pm Jan 19 PST


jasimmonds says

Love your book "Two-Wheeled Wanderer". Beautiful photographs indeed. I too love to ride and am still learning and becoming a more confident rider each time I head out on my bike. I'd love to find people to ride with. I haven't been on blurb in awhile and just saw your comment on my book "Moments on a Motorcycle". There really isn't anything like the connection between you and your bike for sure. I'm looking forward to lots of riding this summer as our Colorado weather warms up!

posted at 05:49pm May 22 PST


aerofaze says

If you buy this, please comment here if I don't already list you. That way I can keep track of purchases.
Me - 1 First Ed
Jason - 1 Second Ed
Rabea - 1 Second Ed
Dad - 1 Second Ed
Eric - 1 Third Ed

posted at 12:14pm Apr 07 PST


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