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Using the all-plastic, totally manual, "toy" Holga camera, award-winning photographer, writer and yoga student and teacher Lou Chapman offers a collection that "transports the viewer to a dreamlike world where reality is reflected rather than accurately depicted." That's how the International Photography Hall of Fame described Chapman's work in announcing his solo exhibit there. The collection of images in this book expands on that exhibit.

A gate in Maui. A policeman in Madrid. A parking lot on the border in El Paso. The Roman Forum. Chapman's images reveal the energy of the moment, rather than present a realistic representation of the subject matter.

Someone using a Holga must manually advance each frame of film and set one of only two aperture settings, as well as guess at focusing. In work with the Holga camera, Chapman says he gets “a constant reminder that ultimately, I am not in control. I can only capture a reflection of what I think I see through the viewfinder.”


About the Author

Lou Chapman
LouChapman Fort Worth, Texas

I am a photographer, writer and yoga teacher living in Fort Worth, Texas. For nearly 19 years, I was a newspaper reporter, working in New Orleans, Denver, New York, Fort Worth and Boulder, Colo., winning a Pulitzer Prize nomination in 1992. Later I received national awards in the niche field of benefits and compensation communication.

At 50, I began practicing yoga and at 53, I was accepted as an Anusara-inspired(TM) yoga teacher.

The next year, after a lifetime as a serious amateur and sometimes commercial photographer, I began submitting my Holga photographs for gallery and exhibit consideration. Within 18 months, I had been juried into a dozen national and international exhibits and had photographs in permanent collections.

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