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... Paths of medieval villages, painting corners, worn main doors, entrances courtyards, shadows, old scraped walls, wide landscapes, sublime sights from delicious shades, fabulous sunsets, particular and enviable views, luminescent dark of nights shine by the street lamps and from remarkable techniques.
The soul is glad and rejoices; the artist has in his feel much more to perform as the nature that transforms and wonders man endlessly with new decorum to exalt. Thanks for the gift you leave us: the artistic epicentre of any places...
- Poet Ettore Scaini -

... Sentieri di paesi medievali, angoli di pennellate, portoni usurati, ingressi di cortili, ombre, mura sbertucciate antiche, paesaggi infiniti, panorami eccelsi da deliziose sfumature, tramonti favolosi e particolari invidiabili scorci, luminescenti notturni da lampade riflessi e da sorprendente tecnica.
L’animo si rallegra e gioisce, l’artista ha nel suo sentire ancora tanto da espletare, così come la natura che si trasforma e fa meravigliare l’uomo all’infinito con nuovi decori da esaltare. Grazie per il dono che ci lasci: l’epicentro artistico di ogni località...
- Ettore Scaini poeta -


About the Author

Mauro Mallozzi
applepiestd Cisterna di Latina, LT, ITALY
“Free your mind and seize the moment”. The extension of your thought is right there in front of you, in the sight of your camera… take a look around you, let yourself go and open yourself to new experiences, lights, colors, places, perfumes, sensations. Capture first inside you and then on the film the picture in front of you as if it's the last possible. I was born in Perugia (Italy) in 1954, studied technical-scientific matters and made work experiences in the industry field. I’m passionate of photography and love traveling choosing destinations and courses I take to reach them. I overgrow pictorial, graphical and informatics interests; I’ve matured helpful experiences in the photographic field by an advertising studio and have exhibited my works in some photographic exhibition. I try to translate in reality an image creates in mind, to seize what I think and see trying to make fleeting the limit between photography and picture, pictured subject and the evocation of a feeling.

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