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To truly know me, is to observe my work. My art exposes the core of me...both my heart and my mind. I tend to use predominantly female models and focus on the female form. I do this to resolve questions and state opinions I have about the feminine mystique, the role of the female and female sexuality. In short, as a female, through my pictures I explore myself. Anyone observing my work will immediately notice my strong focus on the human face and form. Recently, I have been using portraiture to explore the concept of masks. My own writing explores the idea that all humans have several layers and that what we show externally is only the tip of the vast iceberg of human desire. Beauty, decay, desire, concealment are the over-arching and unifying theme of my collection. I seek to investigate through my writing and portraiture the hidden and concealed beauty, fear and desires of females. The forms and faces in my pictures are predominantly obfuscated by veils, shadows, their own appendages and in one case an actual mask. This is deliberately done and serves two purposes. One, it serves as a metaphor for feminine suppression of rage, alternate sexuality and vulnerability. Two, it hints at a more general culture of concealment: the physical manifestation of the philosophy that everyone is hiding something, even the artist herself.

My work is also a way for me to understand and express myself, which is why my portraiture is accompanied by short pieces of fiction penned by me. My short fiction pieces are written in a style that is reminiscent of diary entries. They carry an abstract and informal tone in order to underline the deeply personal nature of my observations and to encourage different interpretations of my work.


About the Author

Shannon Coyle
specialpets Ontario, Canada

I have a B.A. in Honours Fine Arts and Arts and Business from the University of Waterloo and have completed Sheridan College's Photography program.

Beauty, death, resistance, freedom, sexuality compel me to create and capture. Necessity and power of human imagination inspire me.

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