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The ritual of getting a tattoo inhabits the realm of the unknown.  For it is associated with the dark.   It is a moment in time, human expression.  It can be a mark, a meaning.  

It is permanent.

Is it ugly.   For special people it isn’t ugly at all.

I met some of these people and photographed them.  

I met Amy Patterson and Shanon Restoule at an art display at the University.   We had the opportunity to show each other our work,  I was drawn to their art.  I was drawn to its meaning,  its method, but primarily I was drawn to the people behind it.  The Canvas and the Painter.  

Shanon pierces people, Amy paints people, they adorn humanity,  I wanted to photograph it.  They introduced me to Dan Bisaillon another artist, later when I dropped by the parlour for a visit.

For the photo shoot I showed up like a hunter, one has to recognize that light does not escape me.  I set up my small portable studio, I brought some lights, background to control shadows and sometimes envelope my subject in the darkness...... show it........illuminate it......control it.

I set my trap...............take the bait.

I want to show that people make tattoos a way of life.  A statement, a message to the world.  A message to their spirit.   It is permanent.....with them now, until the end.


About the Author
jorgecueto 122 Durham Street, Sudbury, Ontario is a photography studio located in Sudbury Ontario. Jorge Cueto Herrera is the eye behind the photos at The photographs created by are created to tell stories, document history, portray beauty of human culture. Culture is a mode of behaviours and actions that humans do. My photography is attempt to capture this.

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