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The Supertest Petroleum Company raced three unlimited class hydroplanes under the name of 'Miss Supertest' from 1951-1961. In the period 1959-1961, Miss Supertest III, driven by Bob Hayward of Embro, Ontario, won the British International (Harmsworth) Trophy, symbolic of world speedboat domination by a single country, after the trophy had been held by the United States for thirty-nine years; and then defended it at Picton against American challengers in 1960 and 1961. Miss Supertest III had been designed and built by her owner, Jim Thompson of London, Ontario, for the sole purpose of competing for this trophy, and she won it in each of the three years she entered the competition. The untimely death of Bob Hayward several weeks after the 1961 running of the Harmsworth, ended the boat's racing career, and consigned her to a museum. But those three years were Canada's greatest yeasr for inernational speedboat racing; and a cherished period in Canadian boating history


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John Kelly
kellyjj Georgetown, Ontario, CANADA

Formerly a high school history and law teacher for 29 years, in retirement, John Joseph Kelly has become the biographer of the famous Canadian raceboat, Miss Supertest, and of her first driver Will Braden.

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