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Why is Panama so colorful? That was a question I found myself often asking. The color is in the oddest of places. Sometimes it's in the local markets. Sometimes it is a particular time of the day. What do these colors mean? I inexplicably found myself working in color when it seemed to bonk me over the head.


About the Author

Andrew Kaufman
andrewkaufma Miami Beach, Florida
Now in his 20th year as a photojournalist, Miami Beach based Andrew Kaufman is an award winning photographer with a unique zeal for life that comes across not only in his photography but in everything he does. Andrew's images are as diverse as his interests. As an avid surfer, diver and swimmer, the ocean and ecology play a big part in Andrew's life and work. In search of new aquatic adventures Andrew has traveled to literally every corner of the world (more than 40 countries on 4 continents) producing fascinating portraits, news, features and travel adventure stories along the way. Andrew's portfolio is much like a portrait of himself and his life's experiences.

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