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This book was for my senior thesis at Southern Illinois University Carbondale for a BFA in Communication Design.

Since I was young, dreams have always fascinated me. I always wondered where they came from and what caused them. The pure science behind what causes dreams is astounding and has lead me to believe that the human mind and how it works is a work of art in itself. I believe that dreams can contain hidden meanings and reveal things that we are otherwise unable to realize in reality. Dreaming is also an escape from reality. This book contains an anonymous collection of dreams that participants submitted to me. These are actual dreams that those close to me have had and the content has not been edited for dramatic effect. I used watercolor and pen and ink to create a unique illustration to accompany each dream.

As a designer, I feel that hand made elements are important and powerful incorporations that can be worked in to what would otherwise be strictly computer generated graphics. Hand made elements can create a personal connection between the viewer and designer. Signs of life are full of inspiration and in each stroke of the paintbrush and mark of a pen, life is evident. Using alternative methods to communicate and connect with the viewer or client is crucial. It can add an element of surprise or an unexpected punch that can potentially set them apart from their competition.


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