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Latitude 31 Landscapes is a book that portrays the climate in Latitude 31 in images of the plants that grow there. These images were taken in the Southwest USA. Flowers, Trees and Shrubs, Cacti and Succulents are sections in the book along with basic descriptions about them and they way they grow.

Latitude 31 wraps around the earth encompassing climate zones with very little rainfall. Deserts are usually thought of, but many climate zones border on arid zones producing a variety of vegetation and landscapes. These images were mostly taken in the Chihuahuan Desert. Due to the proximity of the Sonoran Desert many plant variations grow in both areas. This is also what is known commonly as a Mediterranean climate. Many of the plants considered "native" today were spread by European and Native American settlers as they migrated across the country.

Concerning the weather . . . . The study of climatic conditions and the resulting weather and weather patterns is an ongoing science. The history of weather on this planet has been taken from written sources such as journals, and books where weather descriptions were included because they were central to the story. There are many descriptions of extreme and violent weather in historical writings.

Models to predict weather patterns have come from data scientifically collected in a relatively short period of time. Like any science, each day brings new knowledge about the subject and how it affects us here on earth, and beyond. The climate descriptions in this book were gathered from online sources, including Wikipedia. They are an accurate description of what is now current in these areas. But, as history has taught us they are subject to changes, small and large.

There have been two earthquakes recently that have altered the rotation of the earth. Not by large amounts but 4 and 5 inches here and there adds up. Moving the earth under our feet by 4 or 5 inches can account for a lot of bumping into things.

Please enjoy the images and current information in this book and know that the future climate is always subject to change.


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