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In the summer of 1867, near the banks of Crow Creek, is where Cheyenne, Wyoming first started. Within days, the city started a new police department. No book has ever been written to cover the history of the Cheyenne PD...until now. This is a one of a kind book that cannot be found anywhere else. There are 160 pages with over 150 photographs. Read how the city police started out, the log cabin jail, badges and patches used. There is much, much more in the book. Read about the infamous Tom Horn and see a picture of the gallows that were used back in the day, where he was hanged for killing a 14 year old boy. Some of the stories are funny to read and some are heartbreaking. If you enjoy history, you will enjoy reading this book.


About the Author

Robert Fife
RAF2750 Cheyenne, Wyoming
Born and raised in Hobart, Indiana. I joined the USAF in 1968-1974. My wife Linda, and I have been married for over 42 years. I spent 6 years in the USAF. We have a son and daughter. They each have two sons, giving us four grandsons. I hired on the Cheyenne Police Department in 1980 and retired in 1998. I have been working at the Laramie County Detention Center (as a civilian) in the Booking Section since my retirement from the police department. I have always loved history. This book has been my quest for a long time. Now others can learn a bit of history of the Cheyenne Police Department.

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