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I had a project to do in my design class and could not think of any thing to do it on. I was looking to run a 10k and that gave me an idea but had a few other ideas just in case one didn't work out I had a back up. Just my luck when I pitched all my ideas to the class my instructor hated all of them. Then I told him about this run and it turn out that he like this idea. So now I had to look for a 10k run and how to train for it.
Well I did find a run and realized that I was so out of shape that going up the stair at my school were killing me and now I had to do 6 miles. I also needed to make this book interesting and doing a training book was a bit boring. So I thought of looking for interesting places to run to capture good pictures. I've been doing photography for about a year and now I was hooked. The book turned out good, and I'm satisfied and hopefully my instructor is too.


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