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The ‘Clara’s Clouds’ series….
About the the feelings we all experience at some stage but tend to push deep within. Children that might be adults walking though the emotional mine field that is life.
We were all children once.


About the Author

Lisa Defazio
Defazio Melbourne Australia

I have a background in Fashion Design and Fine Art. My methods and styles vary depending on the project. My most recent works contain multi media and a collage of old and new techniques.

“My work is quite varied; oil paintings on canvas, hand drawings on embossed paper, collage and mixed media digitally reworked. The recent exploration of a simplified graphic; hand drawn and painted image with textural and written work embedded within it combined with the child like figures seem to strike a chord with those who experience my work. I am keen to see which one resonates loudest each viewer; there is an emotional element in them all.”

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