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SELFDESTRUCTION holds the unabridged story of a boy's life slowly deteriorating. Through his accounts of song and story, poem and prose, watch his life begin from a naïve boy finding love to a young man whose heart is beyond repair. Watch the path he has taken through every word he has to offer.

From a concrete recollection of life to a delusional, abstract vision, each and every work of writing in SELFDESTRUCTION has taken every breath and put them into the triumphs and failures of the human spirit.

At which point do the doings of life become the doings of oneself in the path of self-destruction? At which point does every failure become a victory? And at which end does a life begin anew? Find whether the life of a young boy ends as a broken young man, or as a young man whose hope has yet to begin, through the failures and victories, the losses and hopes, the grit and grime, and the tears of fear and joy of the human condition that lie within the pages of SELFDESTRUCTION.


About the Author

Nelson Gutierrez
EGG-NOG Illinois
Nelson Gutierrez is the author of several unpublished short stories and poetry over years of hard work, dedication, and self-cost. Having been diagnosed with --------------- -------- at age 15, Nelson has been a victim to its fateful images for years before, the propelling factors behind each work of writing. SELFDESTRUCTION--his first published work--is a compilation of his written works spanning from as early as age 13--the age of his first run-in with his images. While some poems have been left out for means of length, Nelson has put his best and most life-defining works into SELFDESTRUCTION. While starting with a more self-direct style of writing, Nelson's view of poetry has molded into using fictional stories to define not only his own life, but life in general between the lines of each creation. Through story poems, such as "The David Series," a series of coalligned poems, Nelson uses the events of fictional characters undergoing trials in life that, when looked at carefull

Publish Date  May 01, 2011

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  88 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Poetry

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