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A Note From the Curator

I do not always organize exhibitions as part of a class project, but I feel as though these 13 young artists are exceptional in their photographic endeavors.
I have witnessed the honing of their creative and theoretical skills over the last four years at MSCD and am extremely proud of their progress.
This exhibition titled “Photographing Narratives” is a reflection of their development as artists.
A variety of concepts addressing contemporary culture are represented here:
Scanned images of trash found on the roadside that speaks to the issues of mass consumption. A portrayal of depression, an anthropological study of a post- nuclear event, re-enactments of experience in the armed forces, explorations of cultural identity and work that questions the role of gender and race in our society.

I am looking forward to seeing their work as they graduate with their BFA and engage the art world.
Natascha Seideneck 2011


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