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I created this book to support the idea that visual pattern formations, in the natural and man-made worlds, are infinite. I believe that there are no visual limitations in the existence of patterns. The only limitation has been due to a lack of a comprehensive visual language to contemplate them, to describe them, or to have a shared discourse about them. I seek to provide a cross-sectional sample to fulfill this void for individuals interested in both discovering and enjoying the unlimited visual patterns in the real world.

In this book, the visual language describes some of the varieties of patterns as seen in the natural and man-made worlds. I have defined the word pattern as a creative configuration of elements (i.e., line, shape, form, texture, color, and light), which forms a visual theme. Each visual theme presented is alike but not identical and is displayed in a series of photographic images across four categories: animals, elements, plants, and man-made world.

By viewing and reading this book, I hope my fellow participants are encouraged to walk about and travel around, with the aim of seeking to find new patterns for themselves and to enjoy the beauty of them. Within this book, the visual patterns displayed are only a sampling of the diverse patterns that I found during my field trips as a photographer.

Lastly, I want to stress what I learned as an orthopedic surgeon by caring for many individuals, who had unfortunate and serious disabilities or injuries. That is, both the natural and man-made worlds must work together to restore an individual to an optimal state of functioning and a sense of hope for fullest recovery. Likewise, we need to maintain equilibriums between the natural and man-made worlds so that we can sustain healthy ecosystems on our planet, Earth for future generations.

This book is not sold for profit, but the base price reflects the cost for printing.

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About the Author

Nas S. Eftekhar
I have been an avid photographer since I received my first camera in 1952 as a high school graduation gift from my older brother. For over fifty-five years, I have combined photography with walking, hiking, and trekking worldwide in nature and man-made worlds. After my retirement, I attended lectures and workshops at the well-known International Center of Photography in NYC. Here I studied many aspects of photography, both in theory and practice. Now having more time for photography, I have established a permanent photographic exhibit at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, at Columbia University Hospital in New York City, NY. I also have had several exhibits in NJ and CT. In my retirement, this is the first book dedicated to exploring "A Visual Language of Patterns." Prior to this, I wrote four textbooks devoted to orthopedic surgery. Subsequently, during my retirement, I became increasingly interested in photographing the natural and man-made worlds around me.

Publish Date  May 04, 2011

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chetsafian says

Nas Eftekhar has been a friend and client of my family and of me for many years. When his book, "A Visual Language of Patterns," was recentlly published, I thought I would do him a favor and purchase a copy. When this magnificent book arrived last week, I quickly realized that It was Nas who did a great favor for me!! His fascinating, extraordinarily beautiful , and innovative work of art is something everyone should read. Do yourself a favor and order a copy as soon as you can. Chet Safian

posted at 09:08am Aug 01 PST


valas91 says

This is an amazing book. Dr. Eftekhar enlightens the reader to take in the natural and man made infinite number of patterns in our environment. In these very busy and technological times, we all need to "stop and smell the roses". This book also helps the reader to appreciate our environment and promotes its care and preservation. The photography is stunning in its own right and supports Dr. Eftekhar's thesis beautifully. This would be a great educational tool.

posted at 05:55pm Jul 27 PST


riabreed says

In this impressive and beautiful book Dr. Nas Efthekar takes on the monumental task of organizing the infinite number of visual patterns in the world around us into basic categories, illustrating them with exquisite photographs of animals, elements, plants, and man-made objects. He challenges us in his narrative to 'look and see' the visual world from a personal perspective and to develop enhanced capacities of seeing details and patterns which we may otherwise overlook. Being aware of and internalizing the beauty of our environment will greatly enrich our life. This book is a wonderful tribute to a lifetime of travel, artistry, aesthetics, awareness, and detailed observations

posted at 10:27am Jul 18 PST


alybe7698 says

I loved the book...The pictures are absolutely beautiful along with the narrative!
Becky Lentz

posted at 10:24am Jul 14 PST


SavyWanderer says

Wonderful book. i enjoyed the photography work. i am a fan.

posted at 09:10pm Jul 12 PST


oluwakemi says

Splendid! "A Visual Language of Patterns" is a remarkable piece of work that shows the dynamic relationship between patterns and nature. This book shows the work of an extremely skilled photographer that takes the reader around the world. Job well done!

posted at 05:50pm Jul 12 PST


NoelaM says

Dear Nas,

Your book is truly spectacular. Your photographs are extraordinary and you have created an inspirational collection that inspires the viewer to seek his or her own greater depth and meaning in the beauty of our world. You inspire me to look at my surroundings with a new perspective. I always loved seeing your photographs and this compilation emphasizes your extraordinary creativity and skill in taking the world around us and showing just how beautiful it is.

Thank you for sharing.


posted at 05:44pm Jul 08 PST


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