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80 Pages. A look at some of the best freight train graffiti on the Canadian prairies. This book has over 250 full colour pictures of art by graffiti artists all over North America.

For people interested in more than the graffiti there are many great railfan shots as well as small sections of engine photos and railroad monikers.

With over 150 artists showcased in the book, an in depth and varied display of styles and colours are presented in this well rounded documentary of Canadian freight train graffiti on the prairies.


About the Author

A&P Bench
apbench Canada
A & P are two photographers dedicated to taking pictures of freight train graffiti on the freight cars that roll across North America.

Comments (2)


Sneak613 says

Awesome. Been waiting for you gents to release a book! Finally a book on freights out of Canada!

posted at 07:08am May 12 PST


SpencerT2D says

I always thought A & P stood for Amazing Photography. Congrats on the book guys. Looks good. I hope you make it available in hardcover (hint hint).

posted at 10:03pm May 10 PST


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