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I love to shoot female beauty.

But not for the reasons one might expect. I have little interest in portraying a manufactured female ideal. While many of my images contain nudity, they aren't meant to titillate or arouse. In fact, my images are not about sex at all. They are about love.

I stand in awe of the beauty that is a woman. The way they smile. The way they pout. The lines of their bodies. The curves. The delicacy. But I’m equally fascinated by the look in their eyes. Their strength. Their vulnerability. It is this aspect that I find most surprising, and most rewarding.

Something happens when we shed away the artificiality of clothing. It is as if our natural defenses are stripped away leaving us with nothing to hide behind. Suddenly, even a close-up of the face comes alive. Brimming with honesty. An honesty that spills into my photography. Broken of the promise to market an item of clothing, freed from the constraints of a publicity shot, the nude offers a return to the very basics of photography. Light. Shadow. Form. Movement. The personality allowed to shine through.

The denial of artifice allows me to simply see. The girl next door I’ve always had a crush on but was afraid to approach. The power broker who appears to have it all together, but inside is powerless against her own fear. The innocent whose passion secretly lives beneath the surface burning with desire.

The woman placed forward bare for all to see. Strong. Elegant. Beautiful. Soft. Powerful. Helpless. Intelligent. Athletic. Sexy. Sincere. All the things that make up the beautiful complication that is womankind. And no place to hide.


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Christopher Malcolm Photography
cmalcolm Los Angeles, CA
Fine Art Photography

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mercerben says

Beautiful work I SEE GOOD WORK EVEN BEING IN THE SAME CONTEST.. I like the images on single sheets rather than putting more than one to a sheet . Ben Mercer

posted at 04:42am Jun 23 PST


hoppingfrog says

Nicely done.

posted at 10:07am Jun 01 PST

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