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Book Review by artistic director Giorgio Giussani: "As an analog photographer, the idea of finding old negatives is always exciting, especially discovering what people wanted to capture with their film cameras at that moment in time. It is like opening a time capsule, exposing all these moments to new generations. I also visited Ukraine a couple of years ago and have been fascinated by the country. It's a great book to get to know how daily life looked like in the Ukraine more than two decades ago. All the pictures are capturing private moments of common people and this is what makes the book interesting. In a sort of "voyeuristic" way, you want to know more about these strangers who are immortalized now; getting transported to that time is inevitable and you suddenly become part of their story. You want to know what these people are doing today. Do they still have a copy of this photo? What would be their reaction in seeing now one of these pictures that they probably forgot about? I like the randomness of subject matter and totally love that some pictures show signs of passage of time, with negatives being damaged over the years and not having been stored properly. The best pictures are definitely the ones of broken and grungy negatives. Each picture is not only telling the story of a person or a place, it is also telling the story of the negatives themselves and their journey in a plastic bag. Definitely the strongest part is the creative vision of the author; without his patience in digitizing all the pictures, this book wouldn't have happened and all these pictures would still be unknown to most of us. I would definitely recommend this book to any photography enthusiast or anyone fascinated by the former USSR."
Twitter: @giorgious

Italian-born Giorgio Giussani has lived and worked for many years in London as a creative director.


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