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Richard Fish's practice largely involves social documentary involving urban photography, street photography and changes within the social landscape.

He sees, shoots and records true stories from the city in which he immerses himself. By continuously engaging in methods with a furtive quality he observes the changes of people and documents the unusual scenarios of the unscripted streets as they unfold. Thus, creating pictures rich with realism, moments of absurdity and instances from the banal to the extra ordinary.

In this book, Richard puts a frame around several areas of interest, from the photographer(s) that inspire him, to the lives of those closest to him. By tracing and examining the ‘everyday’
of others, he captures the surroundings and experiences we so often overlook. In this way, Richard's photographs often reveal a peculiar face of street and domestic life that we had not recognised before. He also strives to make us laugh, comment and question, as he frames a subject and allows the viewer the freedom to imagine, elaborate and reflect.

Teresa (Talbot)

Job Seekers Allowance - Arts & Photography photo book
Published March 14, 2013
Living Statues - photo book
Published June 14, 2011

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