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Aldo van Eyck once wrote “Modern architects have been harping continually on what is different in our time to such an extent, that even they have lost touch with what is not different, with what is always essentially the same”*. Last year, I wrote my manifesto Out of the Ordinary as a plea for people to slow down and take a step back. It is an invitation for architects to create everyday architecture that is simple and true. It does not speak of quasi tradition and nostalgia, but rather a hidden reality that ought to be revealed. This manuscript picks up where my manifesto left off by attempting to identify the concealed truth behind Martin Heidegger’s notion of ‘dwelling’ in relation to that of ‘being’.

*Eyck, A. (1968). Team X Primer [Special Issue] (p. 3). Architectural Design Monograph.


About the Author

Simon Drayson
Simon grew up in a semi-detached 1930s house in Croydon with his policeman father, nurse mother and younger brother. Ever since his childhood Simon wanted a career, which like his parents' was people-centric whilst not suppressing his creativity; architecture seemed to offer the perfect balance, and so he relocated to Portsmouth in 2005 to study for his undergraduate degree at the university there. After graduating in 2008, Simon moved back home for his year-out at Bell Associates Architects and Designers working on mostly small-scale residential and retail projects. Simon returned to Portsmouth in 2009 to study for his postgraduate diploma. In the summer of 2010, Simon travelled extensively around northern India seeing the work of Khan, Le Corbusier and others. It was this new thirst for travelling, along with his varied experiences of the past few years, which were grounds for him joining the Emergent Studio. In his spare time Simon enjoys baking and practices yoga regularly.

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