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The Airport Eco-System is awash with imagery, glassy reflections, bright-lights, long shiny marble corridors, people and paraphernalia. It is a world most of have travelled through but rarely looked at closely.

In his recently, Amazon published, (co-authored) book called, "Please Step Aside, I AM A FREQUENT FLYER" Anthony has captured many Airport anecdotes, scenes and situations in words. Here in this book he brings us some of the images he has snapped, quickly, passionately, boldly and often surreptitiously as photography is all but forbidden in many Airports around the globe.

This is a rich tapestry of 21st Century Air-Travel;a documentary in itself.


About the Author

Anthony Smith-Chaigneau
HybridAnt Vers Pont du Gard, France
Anthony Smith-Chaigneau is an 'observationist' ... Accomplished artist in both Acrylic and Watercolour, a Published Author, Blogger and Media Savvy Man. He is fascinated by the power of the mobile phone camera that allows us to capture the 'everydayness' and 'everynightness' of our very vibrant world. He has delivered a photographic odyssey as a result of his many travels, both as a businessman and tourist, to the many cities of the world in both hemispheres. @ASChaigneau @artofoils

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