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Any winnings in PBN will be donated to Twafwane community School, Kabwe.
The photographs in this book were made in Katondo district of Kabwe in Zambia, which is listed as the 4th most polluted area on the planet. The pollution left after 88 years of unregulated lead and zinc mining and the smelting of ores. The tailings from which were dumped on a 3 sq km of land, the dust and water from which runs off, lands directly in the Katondo district.
"Children should not be playing in soil and dust that contain levels of lead higher than 400 parts per million. But here in Katondo, tests have shown that levels are as high as 10,000 parts per million. Lead is a neuro-toxin and at such levels, it is excessively dangerous for people's health, especially for children."

Kay-Valentine Musakanya, KERF


About the Author

Carl O'Keeffe MA, ARPS
Niciaf Lancaster, Lancashire, UK

Carl O'Keeffe has been practicing photography science he was 14 years old, at 23 he decided on making a career out of his passion. He studied at Blackpool and the fylde college to gain his National Diploma then his BA(Hons). After working on photographic magazines and teaching he decided to undertake a Masters in Art at UCLan.
He is passionate about photography and memory, how photographs inform us even if we are not present at their making.

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