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This is a book influenced mostly from darker music and events.Here you can find almost everything.From 70's prog and psych rock to dark ambient(Filosofem especially)
and some movie soundtracks (the omen,Morricone,David Lynch,Harmony Korine,Dario Argento......).
The book has more organic feel than the first one.I wanted something simple and more linear.So that's why i left behind all those complex, color experiments I did in Drifting Memories and i chose some creamy and smooth duotone tones,in order to achieve this organic and dark feel.After three years of studying and experimenting digital darkroom techniques,finally i did something that I am proud of it. Sometimes simple is better..........The digital preview is crap.So for true viewing experience, buy it.


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George Karydis
vintageman Athens-Crete-Jupiter

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