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Ena’s life has always been a daring adventure.

Born in rural Transkei back when the ox-wagon was the major form of wheeled transport, she took her young family up into the Far North and back. No-one else that she knew had ventured further than 50 miles from home!

This is not a story of her life, just a glimpse of what a smart, intelligent, adventurous girl can do when she puts her mind to it.


About the Author

Jimbones Vancouver, Canada

At Bonavista, we help you get the photos out of the box or off the CD, and into a beautifully designed book or show that can be enjoyed regularly, inspiring stories of past experiences. Revisit these books or shows and see the wealth of delight that one life can contain.

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The opportunities for memory books and photo shows are as varied as the people whose lives we chronicle.

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