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Living with greater courage, balance, and joy through yoga.

In this book, there are inspiring and personal quotes from dedicated Sydney teachers, on how yoga is not just about the asana and movement, but a connection on how we can truly make a difference through consciousness in our own selves, through a higher existence, and within our families and communities in turn.

This series of portraits tries not only to capture the grace and gratifying art of yoga, but also to connect to those true moments of trust - occasionally leaving behind the aim of technical accuracy, focusing instead on a kind of emotional authenticity and total faith in the breath.

It’s my hope that this modest little book will be inspiring to those intrigued enough to get on a mat, and a nice little reminder of the goodness that yoga brings to all that seek it out.



About the Author

Cynthia Sciberras Photography
sciberras Sydney, NSW, Australia

Cynthia Sciberras is an Australian digital photographer based in Sydney, specialising in portraiture, festivals & events.

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