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Carl's third and fourth solo exhibition happened close together. 'Sedition + Other Bedtime Stories' was based on the idea of a child waking up in today's post-Sept 11 world, the images are a reflection on Australia's Anti-Terrorism Act 2005 as told to children. These ‘bedtime stories’ were especially influenced by Schedule 7 of The Act which reinvented the concept of “treason” and “sedition” in a way that has been broadly criticized by civil rights activists, lawyers, and artists across Australia as damaging to free expression. In 'We'll Always Have Paris', Carl used symbols within a visual narrative that combined elements from graphic novels and ancient myth to explore the way that quantum physics has/is altered the way in which we construct our realities. The paintings re-work literary and public stories to include the alternate universe of our lost choices. The time machine - like our world view - our weltanschauung - is in our minds.


About the Author

Carl Gopalkrishnan
carlgopal Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Carl merges urban and traditional techniques on the canvas in a style that is both raw and reflective. His art questions our consciousness, exploring our waking dreams as reflected in our public and private myths in a process he calls prophetic surrealism. In Carl's world, it's a waking, rather than dream, state of un-reality. His images are often published in international magazines and journals of poetry, politics and culture.

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