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The reduction of cities to post-apocalyptic rubble, the immiseration and reduction to abject servitude of entire nations, and the massacre of countless innocents : all this can safely be ignored, so as not to interrupt the charade of lies, theft and corruption the world’s leaders have been pleased to call democracy . Jeff Zipper’s freedom to speak a tainted truth is meagre compensation for lives lost and ruined.
Showing the similarities of many colonial wars led by the Roman Empire,the Spanish Conquistadors or the US / Russian contemporary administrations,expressing the obsession of territorial domination,CONQUISTADORS is, in more senses than one, a diagnosis of imperial ills: the horrifying parade of scars and suffering.The political fanaticism and brutality to which Zipper testifies are not rapidly forgotten, and deserve far more attention than they are given. 
CONQUISTADORS  lays no claims to authoritative analysis—it is, after all, a book of reportage, of testimony rather than critical insight—but even so it is deeply flawed, and symptomatic of an universal madness.


About the Author

Jeff Zipper Jeff Zipper has been working for over 30 years pursuing his passion for photography. Travelling through United States, Mexico, Great Britain, Spain and West Africa he established a particular style marked by erotic, stylised scenes, often with fetishistic subtexts. He extended his work , notably with his "Mystic river" series which marked the pinnacle of his erotic-urban style, underpinned with excellent technical skills. He also worked in architecture photography,portraiture and more social studies. Zipper's photography has addressed dramatic issues, including erotism,religion,death. He works primarily in black and white.

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