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Why Genoa living light?
Taking pictures is an essential part of me, a basic need I might say. My approach is totally instinctive and only in the action of shooting I usually find the correct rhythm and timing, allowing me to create a series of harmonies or disharmonies.
Genoa structurally expresses this concept of ambiguity, harmonies and disharmonies; with the continuous overlapping of different plans, in her extremes of light and darkness, in the general tendency toward vertical lines in human architecture, as opposed to the absolute horizontal wilderness of the sea.
Different perspectives evolving rapidly: you never find what you left, just a short time before. It is usual here, as being surprised by the unexpected. This town is always reshaping as a fluid matter, the making and unmaking of the waves very similar to the uninterrupted modifying of lights and shadows at any time during the day.
The light of Genoa is intense, reflected off the sea in the narrow skies of her alleyways, her “carrugi”, or triumphing on the broad horizon of her harbour. Blinding and purifying, the light hits the old paving stones, creeps everywhere like a gust of wind, stops unexpectedly in a corner, inside a church, and finally passes by the Staglieno hill. Living light, like water or wind, moving and moving. Like Genoa.


About the Author

Lorenzo Vitali
vittali Milan, Italy

Lorenzo Vitali - Born in Milano in 1953, where he lives and works.He has photographs printed in many magazines, in Italy and abroad, and is in the editorial staff of “Magazine”, a periodical magazine. He has published several books, and has presented some of his works in solo-exhibitions. After a travels to Cuba he creates a body of work, published as Cuba 2011. The same year in December, he presents this work in an on-line exhibition. He publishes Genova luce viva and Passions, two volumes of original photographs. Photographs from this latter work are presented in his first solo-exhibition in Genoa, Palazzo Ducale. He is asked by the poet and writer B.Cicchetti to illustrate his piece, “La Signora del Tango”, published in 2011. Afterwards, he is invited to work for and to photograph the setting of this opera-tango, performed in summer during Lunaria Festival 2011.
In 2012 he publishes Holzwege, a sort oforiginal back-ward journey, from photography to poetry, from the image to the word

Publish Date  May 22, 2011

Dimensions  Large Square  142 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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