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The best looking boy at school, probably even on the whole planet, has a crush on Kate. His name is Mike and he is a bad boy who goes through women like snack food. Still worse, he is part of her neighborhood group of friends called “the crew.” If she goes out with Mike it could completely ruin their friendship and break up the crew, but he is so dangerously gorgeous. Kate has always been a straight A student who tries to make the best and smartest decision in every situation. She likes Mike a lot and enjoys being his friend. What should she do?
Although he is so hot it makes her nose hair twitch, she decides to keep their relationship platonic and they forge a deep, sexually charged friendship. She comforts him when he finds out a dark family secret. He comes to her rescue when her love life turns tragic and humiliating. Through adventures, mishaps and embarrassing blunders he stays her ever dependable and loyal friend.
Just Promise Me is a humorous and poignant look at the ins and outs of having a best friend of the opposite sex. It is a story about the value and importance of friendship and what
it truly means to love someone.


About the Author

Simeen Brown
Simeen Salem, Massachusetts
As a child, Simeen Brown was a bookworm who would make up excuses to get out of play dates, just so she could hole up in her room with the latest series from the local library. Then the eighth grade hit and she discovered boys. The doctor told her she didn’t have to wear her back brace (for scoliosis) anymore and she came out of her shell literally and figuratively, turning into a class clown who couldn’t stand to miss a single social event. She got her BFA in illustration from Brigham Young University and then free-lanced as an illustrator for over ten years. Currently, she is happily employed as a graphic designer at Salem State University. She is married and has a daughter from China. She and her husband have known each other since high school where they were both in a group of friends called the Hip Squad. Their group of friends has faithfully stayed in touch for over twenty-six years. This is her first novel.

Publish Date  May 23, 2011

Dimensions  Trade  290 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Literature & Fiction

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Comments (3)


Mina14 says

Loved this book!!! Like stepping back into your first romance!!! Bet you can't read it without thinking about the first boy you kissed!! And you'll want to contact all your friends from High School!! It was so nice to think about those carefree summers hanging out with the friends you will remember always!!!

posted at 07:33pm May 23 PST


nerekson says

Funny and smart! Kate's dilemas about boys, school and life were so real. I loved the sparks flying between Kate and "bad boy" Mike, and I was inspired by their deep, lasting friendship. You won't be able to put this book down until you read the last page.

posted at 03:27pm May 23 PST


bagleykoyle says

"Just Promise Me" drew me in completely. I cared about the characters and enjoyed the process of seeing them grow up and evolve over time. This is a fun, funny and poignant read that would be appopriate for teenagers and grown-ups alike.

posted at 08:11am May 23 PST


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