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“Images of Mystery” is a photography book with brief descriptions of more than twenty rock art sites on the Colorado Plateau. While most sites are in Utah, some are in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.

Native American proverbs are cleverly and appropriately integrated into the presentation of the art and architecture of these archeological sites. In excess of 250 photographs are not only informative but beautiful, gracing the 120 pages of this quality book.

The cultures of the rock artists emerge as the pages unfold spanning times from BC to present day.


About the Author

John Schneider
John is an experienced nature photographer who was born and resides in the shadow of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. His special love for the beauty of this area is evident in many of his photographic renditions. John has an extensive background in the physics of light and optics as well as training in artistic composition and writing. He utilizes these skills in conjunction with computer technologies to add new dimensions to the arts of photographic presentation and publishing. It is John’s hope and desire that his writing, photographs and photo art will inspire the readers and viewers, and that these works will promote an increased awareness and actions for the preservation of the natural beauty of the world for all future generations.

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