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This might be the best photo book on the planet that was made 100% from a pimp. Most pimps are dirty, unethical, dastardly individuals. Have you noticed though that the term itself has slowly made it's way into a term of endearment? Well you can thank me for that.

Pimp photos, the rocking babe, and more await you in these pages. It's mostly self portraits, with many containing my sidekick, the one who made people care about me - my daughter Chloe. If it wasn't for her, I would probably just be another procurer.

I'd like to also personally thank all the assholes on flickr and equally all the awesome people on flickr for making my photography to life. For a minute I thought I was a rockstar. Then the babe grew up and my secret weapon went with it. Oh well. ;)


About the Author

Ryan Ward
pimpexposure Alameda, CA

I like to think of myself as being at the tail end of the poles with most of the things I have found myself getting wrapped around in my life. I enjoy being loved and hated with no middle opinion. It's that grey area I try really hard to avoid. I haven't been bored since 1999 because you know what they say: only boring people get bored. Most importantly though I am a pimp. Not the MTV pimp. Not the Snoop Doggy Dogg hip-hop glorified pimp. Not even the procurer found working the streets. I'm a new brand of pimp. Yes folks we've redefined this well traveled word one more time. And this time it's got a fedora, a kid, and a camera with a tripod in tow.

Thank you for your support.

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