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I took all these photos and more while i was doing a road survey in te turkana for my trucks and low bed trailers, the project was to send hundreds of truck loads packed with massive 30 meter long blades and 40 tons generators to assemble over 300 wind mills south of lake turkana (apparently the winyest place on earth). We went north past Isiolo, Archer Post, towards Marsabit where we spent the 2nd night, then we drove back about 50kms to Leisamus, and turned West to cross the Chlbi Desert (dead camel), and joined south Horr, then north toward the lake, through the immensity of fjord, rocky out-crops and ocean of crisp lava ... we were in Turkana country. I was very surprised to see people without modern shirt, cotton fabriqs, and no plastic bags no-where, but half naked people, very few men (often in groups and well armed), very few boys and lots of young and old girls slaving under the sun fetching and carrying everything from precious water to fire wood. A lot of them are very angry and tough and my photos aim at depicting the harsh realities of their lives in this region ... the only one single page of pretty pimped-up turkana girls (9 square photos) are contrasting with a crude description on the opposite page of female genital mutilation ... beauty beyond pain and stupid stone-age practices. The last page gives a little hope through the long shots of the kids, kids are always a figure of hope, yet again if yo ulook closely enough, the middle photo show these kids begging for money ... for survival. I hope you enjoy. Frank Duffau


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frank duffau
fduffau Mombasa, Coastal province, Kenya (but from PERTH WA originally)

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fduffau says

"A moving photographic insight into the arduous, painful existence these young women lead. The stark, dry Turkana landscape provides a fitting contrast to their colourful beauty. A good coffee table page-turner!" GAVIN HELGELAND

posted at 07:31am May 31 PST


fduffau says

Take a minute to follow this link and check my first book, yes I took all the photos and did all the editing, and working on another one now ... it would be great if you could add your comment directly on the site, and pass it on to those of your friends if you feel it's worth it, because it will help me to get some good ratings and move up the ladder to have more chance to sell to people checking mainly the top rated books.

Cliquer sur ce link pour jeter un coup d’œil sur mon premier livre, oui je suis l’auteur de toutes les photos et ai fais toutes les mises en page … ca serait bien si vous pouviez ajouter vos commentaires directement sur le site, et en faire part a vos amis, si vous pensez que ca vaut le coup, car ca m’aidera à avoir un bon score et rester au top des parutions, que les acheteurs consultent.

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